The City reaches its final form... for now (KALIWANAGAN, update 3).

This is a huge update, and the improvements that I have made are based upon the modifications that I have done for another game that I will submit for a zine stretch goal on OUR SHORES, which is a Kickstarter that can be found here.

Anyways, here are some of the changes that I have made since the previous version:

  • You cannot increase your item slots anymore.
  • Added more entries in the oracles and made it 3d7.
  • Added some additional sample traits.
  • Removed sample items.
  • Adjusted the stats of the sample NPCs/Enemies.
  • Removed Default Damage and Specialized/Special Damage, simplified the damage system.
  • Added Health, Hearth, and Help, which corresponds to physical health, mental health, and resources/rations/supplies respectively.
  • Added homebrew rules & notes section.
  • Added a section for 3d7 alternatives.
  • Other minor fixes.

This is the last update that I will be doing for this game (at least for a while) by the way, and as always, feel free to comment down below or contact me if you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns. 

Thank you.


KALIWANAGAN - Dark Version.pdf 125 kB
Feb 06, 2021
KALIWANAGAN - Dark Version.docx 28 kB
Feb 06, 2021
KALIWANAGAN - Light Version.pdf 124 kB
Feb 06, 2021
KALIWANAGAN - Light Version.docx 28 kB
Feb 06, 2021


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